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Author Topic: YafaRay4tS version 0.7.5 released  (Read 3047 times)


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YafaRay4tS version 0.7.5 released
« on: August 20, 2011, 06:41:28 PM »

The new version is attached below.

Sample scenes can be found here at the bottom of the page and on the page after it:

Excerpt from the History Page follows:

YafaRay4tS version: 0.7.5
Sunday, July 24, 2011

TrueSpace 7.61 version required and is not backwards compatible.
Improved skeletal meshes/Actors with animation support.
Skeletal meshes and Characters, will export if you apply SDS to the mesh. The first Level of SDS is the preferred method unless the mesh is already subdivided.
Skeletal meshes will also export if you apply a morph to the character. Apply morph then right click to immediately exit the tool.
Support for multiple materials on one mesh.
Fixed mesh normals for better glass objects.
Spotlight and omni light power exports the same as Blender with a export power = power*power/2.
Area and Sphere lights have a render option to make them visible.
Area light has a new mesh so when the mesh is at (0,0,0) the resulting light is also at (0,0,0).
Adjusted light attenuation parameters to make the preview more closely match the render.
Does not lose camera selection if the scene name changes.
Glass material absorption value was not connected so value was never used.
Added a strength control to the glass material to control the D3D transparency preview(no effect on the final render).
Bumpmap preview for materials.
Changed the default render parameters to match Blender's UI values.
YafaRay4tS materials default to the corresponding Blender material default values.
Added a global input gamma that is applied to colors, lights and textures to translate them to linear color space used by YafaRay.
Gamma value does not effect the display in trueSpace 3D viewport.
Added DarkTide's sun sky background option.
Added support for rendering to the OpenEXR file format(exr).
New aspects for each Lighting Method.
YafaRay4tS Settings button shows the YafaRa4tS panel's presently used Lighting Method aspect in the Stack.
YafaRay4tS Export and Render button no longer shows the YafaRa4tS panel in the Stack with the LMB.
YafaRay4tS Export and Render button shows the YafaRa4tS panel's presently used Lighting Method aspect in the Stack with the RMB.
Diffuse Reflect Map fixed in new improved Yaf Coated Glossy and Yaf Glossy materials.
New improved YafaRay4tS Spot light with Hotspot generator.
Updated YafaRay4tS Help file.
New tS7.61 YafaRay4tS Installer script.

Yafaray 0.1.2 Beta support:

Requires Yafaray version 0.1.2 beta to be setup with YafaRay4tSv0.7.5 and the Yafaray 0.1.2 xml format - beta checkbox enabled, located in the Setup aspect. Only one version of Yafaray can be installed at one time.

New file formats hdr, jpg, png and tif.
Save Alpha located in the Lighting Method aspects. - Exports an alpha file in addition to the rgb output file.
Z - Channel option works.
New Volume Region mesh: Uniform and Height Fog work with the YafarayVolume.RsObj
Support for normalmap textures.
Rough Glass material.
Photon only and soft shadow parameters for the Spot light.
IES Light with preview.
SPPM lighting method(not working at this time for the xml renderer, YafaRay version 0.1.2-Beta2).

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